Meet the Brit girl who dozes off for 2 months at a stretch

London, Aug 15 (ANI): A British girl, who suffers from the rare Kleine-Levin Syndrome, is said to nod off to sleep for two months at a time. Lily Clarke, 21, a student, has slept through university exams, Christmas, New Year and even her own 18th birthday party after falling asleep a few days before. Her mum Adele, 47, said the condition came on in 2007 after the family went for a meal following a day's ice-skating. "Before the food arrived Lily had fallen asleep in her chair. We couldn't wake her and had to carry her from the restaurant," the Sun quoted her as saying. Lily sleeps deeply for about 23 hours a day and is woken just long enough to be fed at her parents' home in Haslemere, Surrey. She now sleeps for an average of two months at a time roughly every seven months. "She is missing out on huge chunks of her life," Adele added. There is no known cure for the syndrome but medics say it usually affects young people - so Lily may grow out of it. (ANI)