Meghan Markle grabs In-N-Out Burger while Prince Harry is at Invictus Games

Meghan Markle has been spotted at the In-N-Out drive-thru.

The Duchess of Sussex was seen picking up an order from the fast food restaurant on Sunday (10 September), according to People. Both Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have recently discovered their affinity for the West Coast chain after making the move from the United Kingdom to Montecito, California, in 2020, following their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family.

In an interview with Variety last year, the couple talked about their transition to the states, including how In-N-Out has become Harry’s “favourite” despite living a bit far from one location. “It’s funny. People sometimes think we live in Los Angeles, but we’re a good two hours outside of it,” Meghan explained.

“We’re commuters,” she said. “We drove down recently for a day of back-to-back meetings, equipped with chocolate chip cookies the size of my toddler’s head. Also, my husband’s favourite is In-N-Out. There’s one at the halfway point between LA and our neck of the woods. It’s really fun to go through the drive-thru and surprise them. They know our order.”

Earlier this year, Harry revealed to People what he and his wife order at the restaurant. “In-N-Out is the best! I order two double-doubles, animal style, fries and a Coke! And that’s just for me!” the royal quipped. “Meg gets the cheeseburger and fries with sides of jalapeños. I just stick with ketchup and that special sauce of theirs. So good!"

While Meghan was seen picking up a burger and fries at In-N-Out this week, Prince Harry attended the opening of the sixth Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he will be until 18 September. The Invictus Games were created back in 2013, after the duke took a trip to the US where he watched the Warrior Games. There, he witnessed how sports could help wounded veterans in their recovery, whether it be physically, socially, or mentally.

According to royal commentator Omid Scobie, a spokesperson for the couple recently confirmed that both Harry and Meghan are “delighted to be attending” the sporting event this year. “A spokesperson confirms that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are ‘delighted to be attending’ the Invictus Games 2023 in Düsseldorf next month,” Scobie said. “Harry will be there from the start and Meghan will join him later on in the competition. They’ll both be at the closing ceremony.”

Prior to the games, Harry returned to the UK on Thursday without Meghan, on the eve of the first anniversary of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s death. According to reports, he did not meet other members of the royal family. An insider recently told the Daily Mail that his father, King Charles III, had “no time in his diary” to meet Harry. They added that relationship between Harry and his brother, Prince William, remains strained since the publication of his bombshell tell-all memoir, Spare.

While in London, the Duke of Sussex attended an awards ceremony for WellChild - a charity that offers support for seriously ill children and their families, for which he has been a patron since 2007. In his speech, he expressed his admiration for the strength of the families and explained his absence from last year’s awards, the Daily Record reported.

“As you know, I was unable to attend the awards last as my grandmother passed away,” Harry said. “As you also know, she would have been the first person to insist that I still come to be with you all instead of going to her. And that’s why I know that exactly one year on, she’s looking down on all of us tonight, happy we’re together and continuing to spotlight such an incredible community.”