Mehdi Hasan Shows Just How ‘Openly Delusional’ Trump Has Become

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan said all the “chatter” about President Joe Biden’s age ignores the real problems with his potential opponent: Donald Trump.

Hasan played a series of clips of Trump’s gaffe-filled speech on Friday in which ― among other things ― the former president claimed he beat Barack Obama in 2016, warned of a pending “World War II” and insisted that Americans need ID to buy a loaf of bread.

“If Joe Biden had said any of those things, I guess it would’ve been front-page news on every paper in the country,” Hasan said to author Wajahat Ali. “But we just give a pass to the 77-year-old openly delusional Trump. The age debate is very weird, is it not?”

Ali agreed.

“Joe Biden, criticize him for his age, we both do,” Ali said. “But he just finished an international trip, answered questions, and he knows that you don’t need voter ID to buy bread, he knows that he ran against Trump, not Barack Obama, and he also knows that we fought in World War II and won. And I fear, if World War II did happen, I wonder which side Trump would fight for.”

See their full exchange below: