Melania Trump Resurfaces With An Awkward New Sales Pitch

Melania Trump has largely disappeared from public view lately, but she did pop up last week with an awkward sales pitch.

The former first lady is hawking Christmas ornaments ― which may seem like an odd move, given her infamous disdain for holiday decor.

While she had been in charge of setting up the White House for the holidays when Donald Trump was in office ― at times making some questionable choices ― audio from 2018 revealed how she really felt about the whole thing.

“I’m working like a, my ass off at Christmas stuff,” she said in the recordings, released by former friend and aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff in 2020. “You know, who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decoration, but I need to do it, right?”

Despite that, she sold Christmas ornaments last year, and is at it again this year, firing off a message on X, formerly Twitter, for her $35-$45 ornaments that include “a corresponding digital collectible.”

The pitch seems even more unusual given that she has rarely been seen in public, not appearing with her husband at any of his legal proceedings or recent campaign events.

The former president over the weekend called her a “private person” during an interview with NBC News but insisted she would join him on the campaign trail “pretty soon.”

She has also only been sporadically active on social media. She’s tweeted and retweeted about two dozen times this year, often either a holiday greeting, sales pitch or both at once.

The pitch for Christmas ornaments brought out some seasonal jeer from critics who echoed her own salty language to remind her what she’s said about the holiday in the past: