Melissa Benoist Compares Supergirl’s Kara and The Girls on the Bus Reporter, Shares Which One She’d Want to Interview Her — Watch Video

She may not be wearing Kara Danvers’ glasses, but Melissa Benoist definitely has her serious journalist face on in Max’s new series The Girls on the Bus (premiering this Thursday, March 14, with two episodes).

The Supergirl alum plays Sadie McCarthy, a journalist at a big national newspaper who hits the road to cover a presidential campaign and bonds with three fellow reporters — played by Carla Gugino (The Fall of the House of Usher), Natasha Behnam (Mayans M.C.) and Christina Elmore (Insecure) — along the way. It’s a profession that’s familiar to Benoist, who, in addition to donning a cape as Supergirl, also picked up a pencil and notepad as reporter Kara Danvers in the pursuit of truth for six seasons. But that’s where the commonalities between the two characters end.

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“They could not be more different. I think on Supergirl, it was her alter ego. It served a very different purpose in the context of that show, and I feel like we really only skimmed the surface of journalism and what it looks like,” Benoist tells TVLine in the above interview while promoting The Girls on the Bus alongside her co-star Behnam.

The Girls on the Bus Release Date
The Girls on the Bus Release Date

While both Kara and Sadie are “similar in that they both care about finding the truth and fighting for what’s right,” the latter “is a journalist with a capital J,” Benoist continues. “It is what she lives, eats and breathes. It is her whole life. This journalist’s skin that I’m in, I dove in fully.”

But when asked whether she’d want her Supergirl or The Girls on the Bus persona to interview her, Benoist is quick with her response: “Kara.”

“Sadie is probably a tough interview. Sadie would kind of get in there, I feel like, and Kara would be much nicer,” she adds with a laugh.

Press PLAY above to watch the video, then hit the comments to let us know if you’ll be tuning in to The Girls on the Bus.

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