Melissa Benoist's TV comeback unveils new look

melissa benoist, the girls on the bus
Melissa Benoist's TV comeback unveils new lookMAX/Nicole Rivelli

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has unveiled a new look in a trailer for her upcoming show.

Benoist plays journalist Sadie McCarthy on The Girls on the Bus – a series inspired by writer and reporter Amy Chozick's 2018 novel Chasing Hillary.

In the trailer, Benoist showcases a dark brown, stylish, mid-length haircut; almost unrecognisable from her signature Supergirl blonde locks.

melissa benoist, the girls on the bus
MAX/Nicole Rivelli

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But it's not just her hair getting a transformation. The Girls on the Bus shows Benoist in a whole new light. Despite this not being the first time she has played a journalist, Benoist's new character appears a lot wilder than mild-mannered Kara Danvers, who she played for six seasons in Supergirl.

Benoist is joined by Natasha Behnam, Carla Gugino and Christina Elmore, portraying the three journalists also on the political campaign trail.

"Here we are, four political reporters," opens Benoist in the trailer. "Rivals. Vicious competitors. Getting entirely out of control."

"Why? Because the state of American politics is the state of our own lives," she adds, followed by clips of all four women screaming in different scenes.

christina elmore, melissa benoist, carla gugino, natasha behnam, the girls on the bus
MAX/Nicole Rivelli

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"If anyone found out, I could lose my job," Benoist later continues, hinting at potentially scandalous episodes. The trailer also shows the girls engaging in violent outbursts, drinking and facing professional backlash, suggesting a turbulent series.

The Girls on the Bus was originally picked up by Netflix in 2019, only to be dropped later by the streaming service. It was then picked up by The CW. Finally, HBO Max took up the show, granting it a straight-to-series order after skipping the pilot stage.

The Girls on the Bus will premiere in the US on March 14, 2024 on Max.

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