Melissa McCarthy shares 'Bridesmaids' story that's 'never been told' about them wetting their pants

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Melissa McCarthy joined The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday and revealed a hilarious and embarrassing behind-the-scenes moment from the set of the 2011 hit film Bridesmaids. McCarthy explained that she is generally late to technology, like Facebook and face-changing apps. McCarthy made the mistake of messing with one of those face-changing apps at an inopportune time for the cast.

“It was brand new to me, so I constantly was making us all into men, especially older men. And when we were out on the water in the last scene right before Wilson Phillips comes on, we were trapped out there because we were on these little pedestals in water,” McCarthy said. “And I can’t name names, but I would say more than two and less than five of us were laughing so hard that we may or may not have wet our pants. So that’s a fun fact that’s never been told.”

Shortly after the film’s release, Carnie Wilson, of Wilson Phillips, admitted that watching Bridesmaids had the exact same effect on her.

As for Colbert, he had an interesting takeaway from this new information.

“In a taffeta dress?” Colbert asked. “Yeah. You say that as if that’s odd,” McCarthy quipped. “I only go to the bathroom in taffeta.” “It’s very absorbent,” Colbert said with a laugh. McCarthy replied, “The wicking properties of taffeta are not appreciated as they should be.”

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