Men, too, need skincare routines. Here are ones that use four or fewer products

While men struggle with many of the same skincare concerns as women, many men ask for a simplified skincare routine that doesn’t include many steps.

With as few as four daily products, you could see significant improvements in your skin’s overall appearance. Here are my general recommendations for simplified morning and evening skincare routines for men, plus tips for a more complete routine for those who are looking for even more dramatic results.

Simple morning routine

Everyone — both men and women of all ages — should use daily SPF to minimize the risk of skin cancer. Men who are looking for the simplest skincare routine possible can get away with using two products in the morning: a cleanser and a moisturizing sunscreen.

The key is to choose a cleanser and sunscreen that are a match for your Baumann Skin Type so that you do not inadvertently make dry skin drier or acne-prone skin oilier.

Simple evening routine

A simple evening routine for men can include three simple products: a cleanser, treatment serum and moisturizer. You can use the same cleanser in the evening that you use in the morning, but it is best to use a moisturizer without SPF at night.

The treatment serum you use will depend on your skin’s specific needs and type. Men who are struggling with redness, razor burn or other inflammatory skin conditions might use a skin-soothing serum that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce inflammation and redness.

Other treatment serums can target common skin problems for men like acne, wrinkles, dark spots and dryness.

Complete skincare routine for men

If you are struggling with a particular skin problem that isn’t going away, you will need to add a few more steps to your daily skincare regimen. However, it will be well worth the extra few steps in the long run to get healthier skin that lasts.

The most complete skincare regimens are customized to exactly match your skin’s needs. An example of the steps included in a complete, customized morning skincare routine might look like this:

  1. Wash face

  2. Shave

  3. Wash face again to remove shaving cream and facial hair

  4. Apply eye cream

  5. Apply a customized treatment product

  6. Apply moisturizer

  7. Apply sunscreen

Bottom line

Skincare routines don’t have to be complicated — a few basic steps each day can go a long way to getting healthier, younger-looking skin.

Dr. Leslie Baumann
Dr. Leslie Baumann

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