Methodist LGBTQ split: Grandma was right. There’s nothing God-like in rejecting others | Opinion

Methodist split

Regarding “United Methodists come to Charlotte to weigh a milestone measure on LGBTQ acceptance,” (April 16 Opinion):

As a member of the United Methodist Church for over 30 years, I am troubled and confused that our denomination is split over LGBTQ rights and acceptance. A church opting to choose whom it deems “compatible” simply disregards the central article of faith in Christian teaching — “accept one another” (Romans 15:7). Refusing to accept anyone walking through open church doors is the epitome of arrogance and hypocrisy.

As my late grandmother used to say, “There is nothing less God-like than those who reject others in the name of God.”

Patricia Claiborne, Charlotte


A UNC System committee voted Wednesday in favor of gutting DEI efforts system-wide without faculty or student input. By doing so — and I paraphrase the opening of the Lone Ranger — they “returned us to those thrilling days of yesteryear,” those years of racism, bigotry, homophobia and no gender equality. Students will work in a culturally diverse world and need to be exposed to other cultures and ideas to grow as individuals. If not, universities become indoctrination centers of white superiority. By such steps dies North Carolina’s outstanding university system — by a thousand cuts.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Biden and debt

Another $7.4 billion of student loan debt canceled under President Biden for $153 billion total. This, after the Supreme Court struck down his 2022 plan. I and many others worked hard to pay for our education and that of our children. When we took out loans we made sure we could pay them back. We took responsibility. Biden is taking money from hard-working Americans who make good decisions and giving it to those who’ve made bad ones. I have a hard time understanding his reasoning. Is it to buy votes? If so, I can assure him this is one of many reasons I won’t be voting for him.

Jim Shuback, Charlotte

Trump comments

The presidential election reflects many differences of opinion regarding how the country should be run. That’s what makes elections.

But we should also consider what Donald Trump has said about Hillary Clinton. In 2016, he said anyone who can’t protect classified information better than she did “should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.” And, he said “anyone who pleads the Fifth Amendment, is either guilty or has something to hide.” Trump has pleaded the Fifth more than 450 times.

Do these comments only apply to those who oppose him, or should they apply to Trump as well? Something to consider when you enter the voting booth in November.

Bruce Wynocker, Denver

Women’s rights

Overturning Roe v. Wade has made abortion a states’ rights issue. Wasn’t slavery a states’ rights issue? How’d that turn out?

Sounds like we need a constitutional amendment protecting our rights. Oh, wait. We couldn’t even get the Equal Rights Amendment passed.

C’mon, women! Let’s stop letting men tell us what we can and can’t do.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Higher ground

Thank you for the inspirational article about Higher Grounds coffee shop, established through the collaboration of Myers Park United Methodist Church and Manolo Betancur of Manolo’s Bakery.

Two takeaways from this article: 1. The commitment to achieve the higher ground brings Jesus’ Beatitudes to life in Charlotte; 2. To those who “fear the other,” reflect on the work of Manolo, an immigrant, who commits himself and his treasure to the Charlotte community and beyond.

Our community has no better example to achieve the “higher ground.”

Martha Hadaway, Charlotte

Gaston mine

I hope the proposed lithium mine in Gaston County will be heavily monitored for destruction of the land.

If you’ve ever seen countries like the Congo, with miles and miles of complete destruction due to digging for minerals for EV batteries, you know that you do not want that in Gaston County.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte