What Micah Parsons said about Nick Bosa’s record deal, Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl dreams

When reigning NFL defensive player of the year Nick Bosa recently agreed to a five-year, $170 million extension with the San Francisco 49ers, including $122.5 million guaranteed, the second happiest person in the NFL was arguably Dallas Cowboys edger rusher Micah Parsons.

Parsons has finished runner up in NFL DPOY voting in each of the passed two seasons and heads into 2023 as a favorite to win the award this season.

It also not lost on anyone that Parsons is will finish his third year in 2023, which means he is eligible for a contract extension in 2024.

The Cowboys have control of Parsons under his rookie deal for five seasons but it would be prudent for them not to wait that long.

What is certain is that the Bosa deal, which makes him the highest paid defensive player in the history of the NFL, has now set the floor for a Parsons deal.

It’s just a matter of when.

“Super happy for Nick Bosa, man,” Parsons said when asked about Bosa’s deal. “He really showed why he was the best player in the league last year. It gives you something to chase, man. And not in terms of his contract, but in terms of how great he was. If you study his mindset and how patient he was and let the game come to him.

He knows that I’m coming for him. He even said, ‘I won this year, and I know you’ll be coming for it next year.’ “And I said, ‘You’re damn right.’ It’s going to be a good chase.”

Parsons is not even thinking about the contract. But he is knows it’s going to come. He will let everyone else discuss it.

“I don’t even think about that,” Parsons said. Like I told you, I really just enjoy the game. I love what I do. And just, everyone else can talk about it. My dad always said that, everyone can talk about how good you are. Everyone can talk about what your future looks like and things like that, but at the end, you’ve always just got to act like you’ve been there before and act like it’s normal because if you’re good everyone else will talk about you.”

Parsons is singularly focused on Sunday’s season opener against the New York Giants and doing what he can to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1995.

That latter is all that’s on his his mind and he does that then the money and defensive player of the year award are coming. They are likely coming anyway. But Parsons is only sleeping and thinking the Super Bowl right now.

“I’ve been sleeping on it. I’ve been dreaming about it,” Parsons said. “Late at night man I just think Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl. I know I’ve got to take care of each week as its own. Every day has its worries of its own and every day you have to focus on just getting better that inch and inch. And eventually you build enough inches to where you are in the Super Bowl and you know you’ll be there. But you’re preparation, your work, your mindset — everything you do each day leads to the Super Bowl. Not just say, ‘hey, I want to go to the Super Bowl.’ It just don’t work like that.”