Michael Jackson’s estate say their own investigation will have fans feeling ‘It’s OK to say I like Michael’ again

Michael Jackson's estate has big plans
Michael Jackson’s estate has big plans

Michael Jackson‘s estate say that their own investigation will exonerate the late star, as they continue to defend Jackson against the explosive Leaving Neverland allegations.

The co-executor of Michael Jackson’s estate, entertainment attorney John Branca said on a panel hosted by the Harvard Institute of Politics: “People love Michael. They love Michael’s music for sure.

“And if the investigation is effective, which I think it will be, in showing that there is severe doubt about what may or may not have happened, we will be back to people feeling ‘It’s OK to say I like Michael’.”

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The HBO documentary features the stories of two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who say Jackson sexually abused them as boys.

Branca admitted that Jackson’s estate has faced “challenges” since the documentary’s release, but he thinks they will be short-term.

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The estate has attacked the Leaving Neverland filmmakers for not interviewing any of Jackson’s family members, or giving a balanced account by featuring his defenders.

A lawyer for the accusers Robson and Safechuck have said that lawyers for Jackson’s estate are acting out of their own financial interest.

Attorney Vince Finaldi said: “Their recent comments are just part and parcel of the same thing they’ve been doing for years, which is protect the estate so they can continue to profit off of it.”

This latest exchange between the Jackson estate and the Leaving Neverland accusers has emerged after reports that Jackson’s children were “quietly investigating” Robson and Safechuck as they advance their own legal proceedings against the pair.

“The three children say that all they want is to preserve their father’s musical legacy,” a representative told Page Six.