Michael Keaton’s email gaffe leads him down an odd path with Bradley Cooper

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On Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday, actor Michael Keaton was live from his horse ranch in Montana, where he talked about wanting to treat himself to something nice, which in this case was a brand new custom saddle. So he reached out to a custom saddle maker who has the last name of Cooper, and began emailing back and forth.

But, as Keaton described, the more his email correspondence went on the more things started to feel a little odd. For example, when Keaton would check in after long pauses in the conversation and he would get a response that says, “OK, ha ha!”

Keaton, who has moved from a horse ranch in California to one in Montana in recent years, has good reason to treat himself since he’ll be reprising his iconic role of Batman in The Flash, coming next year. But it helps when the guy you think is making your saddle, isn’t actually just a giant movie star who happens to have the same last name as the guy who makes saddles.

“He emails me back, ‘Who is this?’ I go, ‘Who is this? What are you talking about, who is this?’ Keaton said. “I had been mistakenly emailing Bradley Cooper.”

Keaton and Cooper have not appeared in any projects together, but it turns out they did both attend the same Academy Awards luncheon in 2015, so perhaps they exchanged emails then? Either way, we know that Cooper was a great sport about the case of the mistaken email, and was actually trying his hardest to go along with the bit.

“He said, ‘I thought it was really a great gag but I kind of ran out, you know, because you were getting really specific,’” Keaton said of Cooper’s response.

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