Michael Kosta Stunned By 1 Detail In Nikki Haley's 180 On Donald Trump

“The Daily Show” host Michael Kosta on Thursday broke down exactly what frustrated him about Nikki Haley’s 180 on former President Donald Trump.

“What the hell, Nikki?” he began his commentary on the topic.

Kosta’s frustration wasn’t from Haley’s hypocrisy in endorsing her GOP primary rival (following their war of words) this week, the comedian said, because ultimately “every loser ends up supporting their party’s nominee.”

But it was that Haley “made this whole big show about withholding her support” when dropping out of the Republican race “and then she gave it up for nothing.”

Haley would make the “worst kidnapper ever,” cracked Kosta.

“I’m sure it will be worth it and Trump will reward her for it,” he added. “Enjoy being ambassador to those islands where the nuclear bombs get tested, Nikki.”

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