Milk truck overturns in Michigan, spills 12,000 gallons of cow juice

Not all heroes wear capes, remember? Sometimes they drive milk trucks. Sanilac County is in the thumb area of mitten-shaped Michigan, about two hours north and slightly east of Detroit. The Huron Daily Tribune reports the county sheriff's department received a call at almost 3 a.m. this morning about a single-vehicle crash in Marion Township on Ruth Road. Officers and first responders arrived to find a 57-year-old tanker truck driver from nearby Snover, Michigan, and an overturned truck. Seems the driver was headed southbound when a northbound SUV crossed the center line into the southbound lane. Instead of pulling a "Mad Max: Fury Road" move and killing the SUV driver, the truck driver swerved to avoid the collision. Deputies said alcohol was not a factor in the truck driver's actions.

Since 18-wheelers don't like the word "swerve," the truck rolled on its side in a field next to the road. Since tanker trailers don't like the word "rolled," it disgorged 12,000 gallons of milk into the field. The driver, who was wearing a seatbelt and wasn't hurt, estimated the load's value at $25,000.

This might be a yearly thing in Sanilac. On May 13, 2022, another tanker truck hauling another 12,000 gallons of milk also rolled on its side after swerving to avoid another SUV that entered the trucker's lane when making a left turn. At least that driver stopped, though. In this latest accident, there's still a caper to be solved because the SUV driver kept on trucking, as it were.

Anyone who can assist with nabbing the SUV driver is asked to get in touch with the Sanilac County Central Dispatch at 810-648-2024. And for anyone who needs a little calcium today: Milk truck just arrived. Don't mind the grass.