Millennial Therapist Sara Kuburic announces first book: Exclusive

Sara Kuburic's first book is due to hit shelves Sept. 19.
Sara Kuburic's first book is due to hit shelves Sept. 19.

Ever wonder 'who am I?' or feel like you're just going through the motions as life passes by?

Maybe you're feeling stuck. Making poor decisions, in a bad relationship or tough work situation. Toxic patterns might stem from or further "self-loss" or feeling disconnected from your true self.

But creating a sense of self is possible – and worth the effort – according to Sara Kuburic, the existential psychotherapist behind the popular therapy-focused Instagram account @millenial.therapist. She is also a columnist for USA TODAY.

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And Kuburic is sharing her insights with the public later this year. Her debut book "It's On Me" will hit shelves Sept. 19 (A Dial Press Hardcover, 288 pp).

"I wanted to write a book that shines a light on something that I think a lot of people go through, but just don't have the words for," Kuburic tells USA TODAY.

The book will offer chapters to help readers understand the concepts of self and self-loss, while offering practical tools to improve well-being. It's not a step-by-step guide, but it is meant to lead readers through a self-reflection journey.

Kuburic also incorporates "hard truths" and "gentle reminders" in the chapters, a format that will be familiar to readers who follow her Instagram account or read her weekly column for USA TODAY.

"It's On Me" by Sara Kuburic
"It's On Me" by Sara Kuburic

Kuburic says her exploration of these topics began with personal experience.

"For a while I felt lost and unhappy," she says. "I kept making the same mistakes ...  and I just felt incredibly unfulfilled, and I didn't know why."

She started to recognize the same pattern in her research participants and clients. Eventually, Kuburic came to the conclusion what she was seeing was self-loss.

"For me, it looked like looking in a mirror and just being really unhappy about the person that I saw or about doing something and then going 'I don't even know the person that just did that,' " she says.

For some, it could result in the feeling something is missing from your life.

Working with clients on self-loss, Kuburic saw results: Some clients were finding more satisfaction in their lives while others made progress by setting boundaries.

The transformations were encouraging, so she decided to write a book with the aim of giving more people access to a similar experience. The book doesn't replace therapy, she says, but the idea is that it could serve as a good first step toward reconnecting with your true self.

Kuburic initially titled the book "I'm the Problem, It's Me," an ode to Taylor Swift, but changed the title about a week after the book's announcement to "It's On Me."

"It's On Me" at Amazon for $21.66

"It's On Me" at Bookshop for $26.04

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