Mirzapur 2 Ending Explained: What Does the Secret Post-Credit Scene Mean and How Will the Bloody Finale Impact Mirzapur 3? (SPOILER ALERT)

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If you thought you are going to see the end of Mirzapur with the recently revealed season 2, you are way off. Many fans had presumed that like Netflix's Sacred Games, even this Amazon Prime offering, produced by Excel Movies, would end in two seasons, though there was no official intimation as such. Mirzapur 2 would not be the end to the saga of Guddu Pandit and Kaleen Bhaiya, though seeing how the new season was so underwhelming, won't blame the fans if they are not very excited for Mirzapur 3. The series stars Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, Ali Fazal, Vijay Verma, Shweta Tripathi, Isha Talwar, Anjum Sharma, Amit Sial, Rasika Dugal, Harshita Gaur and Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Mirzapur 2 Review: Too Many Characters and Plotlines Spoil the Fun in Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal’s Web-Series.

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Mirzapur 2 is darker and meaner than the first season, but it is also slower, putting in too many plotlines. The first half of the season was quite good, focusing on the re-rise of Kaleen and Munna, and Guddu and Golu trying to get back at them. It is the second half of the series that disappoints with its slow pacing, putting in too many characters for us to care, adding a couple of needless romantic subplots and taking the focus away from the vendetta saga. Interesting supporting players like Sharad Shukla, a don vying for Mirzapur throne, are left in the sidelines, and new players like Shatrughan Tyagi and Robin don't get much scope to leave a good impact.

Things do tie up in the bloody finale that sees bodies pile up and a few major characters get offed. But the climax still feels dull, even with the departure of a major fan-favourite character. So here's what happened in the climax of Mirzapur 2, and what does it mean for the future of the show? Needless to say, Plenty of SPOILERS AHEAD!

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The Finale

Bauji is attacked by Kaleen Bhaiya's former right-hand man, Maqbool, seeking revenge for the killings of his mother and nephew by Munna. But it is Beena who delivers the killing blow hacking him to death. Kaleen thinks its Maqbool who has killed Bauji, and during the funeral, he blames Munna for the catastrophe and insults his wife, Madhuri (also the CM of the state), who leaves the place in anger. Beena calls up Raja, her former lover (and the father of the child) and asks him to protect the baby, for she thinks Munna will kill him.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Raja tries to kill Munna, but he is overpowered and shot dead, but not before he lies to Munna that he has been sent to kill Munna by his father. An angry Munna calls up Sharad Shukla and reveals his intention to kill Kaleen at the funeral. Sharad, continuing his double games, informs Kaleen of the same and reaches there with his men in hiding, expecting them to kill each other.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, Beena informs Guddu that Munna and Kaleen are both there at the funeral site without protection. He calls up Golu and is set to go and kill them, only for the police led by Maurya, to come and arrest him, thanks to the information provided by his father, Ramakant. On the way, Maurya plans to kill Guddu in a fake encounter, but Ramakant saves his son by shooting down Maurya.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Munna reaches the funeral site to kill Kaleen, but doesn't have in it him to commit patricide. He asks Kaleen if he would ever have got him killed. Kaleen replies that no father would ever think so, and tells him that the Mirzapur throne is now his, and Kaleen would take Bauji's place. As both hug, much to a hidden Sharad's consternation, Golu and Guddu arrive with their men. Mirzapur 2: From Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen Bhaiya to Ali Fazal’s Guddu, the Final Fates of All the Main Characters Revealed – Who Died and Who Survived! (SPOILER ALERT).

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

In the ensuing shootout, Munna and Kaleen are heavily wounded. Guddu and Golu finally take revenge of their dead siblings, by killing Munna. However, before they could kill Kaleen, Sharad saves him, who is still unconscious from his injuries, and drives him away. In the final scene, Guddu and Golu reach Kaleen's house, where Guddu sits on Kaleen's regal chair.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

And yes, we also have a culmination for the Tyagi subplot, where Devdatt and his elder son Bharat discover about Shatrughan's opium dealings with Golu, as well as his affair with her. Devdatt claims that he will forgive him if Golu comes there and apologises. Shatrughan calls up Golu, who is on her way to kill Munna and refuses to meet up Devdatt. Devdatt asks Shatrughan to kill his erring maternal uncle, but when he fails to do so, tell his elder brother to complete the task and then kill Golu too. Shatrughan tries to stop his twin brother, and in the ensuing shootout most of their men, including the uncle, gets killed. Devdatt discovers one of his son is killed and other is heavily wounded, though we are not sure who is who.

Post-Credit Scene and What Does it Mean

Wait till the end-credits are over and you will be surprised with a post-credit scene. The scene has one of the Tyagi twins fully recovered in the shootout, sitting in his father's office and playing with the wedding ring, that doesn't seem to fit his finger. His father then calls him as 'Senior', and he slips the finger back.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

While it is made to look like it is Shatrughan who got killed, while Bharat was alive. it seems to be the other way around. The post credit scene hints that Shatrughan has used his physical similarities he shares with his twin brother and has taken his place, managing to fool his family in the process.

What Does The Finale Mean for Mirzapur 3?

The final scene indicates that Guddu is now the uncrowned king of Mirzapur, with Golu as his lieutenant, taking place of the dead Bablu. But let's not forget that Golu is still unhappy that Munna was in love with Shabnam, forgetting her sister's memory, and there is a chance that season 3 could see further cracks in their relationship.

Guddu's reign won't be easy, since Kaleen is still alive and he would want revenge for the death of his son. Sharad, who knows that his way to Mirzapur throne is through Kaleen and Guddu cancelling each other out, would want to back Kaleen, hence he might have saved him. Also, let's not forget Madhuri, who is rendered a widow again, would be sitting quiet after her husband's murder.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Ramakant, who said that he would surrender to the police for killing Maurya, would also not want to see his son as a don. He might do anything through legal means to take him down, and the cops might even help him.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Kaleen would also have to cross paths with his former lieutenant, Maqbool, who he thinks killed Bauji. Whether Maqbool would reveal the truth to him or not, or will be killed before that, remains to be seen.

A Still from Mirzapur 2 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Golu would also be facing a huge threat from the Tyagis, though if it is Shatrughan who survived the shootout, he would try to save her.

While Mirzapur 3 would have interesting threads to complete, we are curious how they would do so without their biggest ace - the unpredictable psychopathic Munna. Remember, even Game of Thrones too a dip in quality after the death of slimebag Joffrey Baratheon. Who would they bring now as their Ramsay Bolton?

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