Mitch McConnell Told To 'Save The Damn Crocodile Tears' After Whining About Voting

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) received a blunt reminder of his own past conduct after he complained on Twitter about the potential silencing of voters.

The top Senate Republican on Monday suggested “millions of Americans will cease to have a voice in the Senate” if Democrats change the chamber’s voting rules to pass voting rights legislation.

“Entire states would be shut out,” McConnell griped, adding: “This isn’t about new voting laws. It’s about silencing voters who inconvenience Democrats.”

Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison told McConnell to “save the damn crocodile tears.”

“Americans lost their voice in the Senate when you denied Pres. Obama his constitutional right to appoint a SCt justice & when you eliminated the 60 vote rule for lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court,” Harrison added, calling McConnell “a hypocrite.”

Others agreed:

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