Mom beats up 13-year-old student at bus stop when he tries to stop fight, TN cops say

A mom took her 7-year-old to a bus stop for him to fight another boy — then she beat up a 13-year-old who intervened, Tennessee authorities said.

Now, the woman is charged with assault and child abuse and neglect, Shelby County records show.

McClatchy News reached out to the woman’s attorney Feb. 22 but did not immediately receive a response.

The 25-year-old mom brought her son to a middle school bus stop in December and wanted her son to fight another 7-year-old, the Memphis Police Department wrote in an arrest affidavit.

The boy’s older brother intervened and said “his brother wasn’t going to fight anyone,” according to police.

That’s when the woman began hitting the 13-year-old in the face, giving him a black eye, police said. He fell to the ground, then the woman is accused of kicking him.

The boy had neck pain after the incident, he reported.

The kids told their dad about the incident, and the family wanted to prosecute. The siblings identified the woman out of a line-up, according to police.

A warrant was issued Dec. 8, and she was arrested Feb. 21, records show.

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