Mom with seriously sick baby turned away from hospital

Traci La Freniere says her seventh-month old son Connor needed urgent medical care, but was turned away twice at the hospital.

A mother with a child needing urgent care for severe dehydration says she was turned away twice at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Traci La Freniere says she has filed a formal complaint over what happened when she sought treatment for her son at the hospital's emergency room at the beginning of April.

La Freniere told CBC News her seventh-month-old boy, Connor, had been vomiting and had severe diarrhea for three days.

She said she could not believe her attempt to get medical help for the boy was met with resistance.

"I couldn't believe it was my child that going through this, after me as a parent trying to get him the help that he needed twice and being shut down," La Freniere said.

La Freniere said she finally returned to the hospital a third time, when the boy went into convulsions.

"My son could possibly be dying and nobody would help me," La Freniere said. "So we have to take him back to the hospital."

On the third visit, La Freniere was with her fiancé and her mother and determined to get help.

"I wasn't going to take no for an answer at that point because I knew how bad things were," she said.

The boy was finally admitted and treated for severe dehydration.

An official from the Saskatoon Health Region told CBC News they take all complaints seriously and would review what happened.

The official also said an apology would be made.