Moncton man connected to Oscar-nominated film

A Moncton man who worked on an Academy Award-nominated film says he hopes more people will watch the movie about a child soldier after Sunday night's award presentation

War Witch (Rebelle in French) has been nominated in the foreign-language film category. The Quebec film is about a 12-year-old girl forced to become a child soldier in Congo.

Jean-Michel Vienneau spent a month helping set up the locations for the movie.

He said working on the movie was a once in a lifetime experience.

"I wasn't expecting it. Well, I read the script, I thought it was great, I don't think anyone ever thinks about that when they read a script that it's going to be at the Oscars, because there's so much going between the shooting and the final product. You can only predict so much," he said.

"[I'm] very proud of the team. I'm proud of myself of having offered myself the experience to be part of it for a certain while. The team really deserved that recognition of all their work because making a film always requires a lot of work. It's passionate work, but making a film in Congo, it's something else."

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