Montrealers hit by flooding using boats on city streets

Photo from CP.

Hundreds of people have evacuated their homes after heavy rains caused flash flooding in about 100 communities across Quebec. One area in particular has been hit severely, but residents are still finding ways to keep up with their daily lives.

In western Montreal, the Pierrefonds community has been devastated by the flooding, which began late Tuesday. The city says around a dozen streets have been affected by the flooding. Some people have been evacuated while others are working hard to keep order and extend a hand to those in need of assistance.

Dimitrios Jim Beis, borough mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, told CBC News that fire, police and emergency responders will be out in the affected areas helping residents and distributing sandbags as the flooding continues to fill streets and basements.

“We’re not out there to protect sheds or pools and all that, we’re there to protect the homes, if we can,” he said.

Beis added the municipality plans on building dams to contain the flood waters while pumping it back into the river, but that could take a few days as the area is expected to get more rain over the weekend.

In the meantime, some residents have taken to the water in boats and rafts in order to traverse across the flooded streets of Montreal.

“This is what my mom and dad did in 1974, same thing,” said one man propelling children across a flooded street in a rowboat. “My dad bought this fishing boat in 1974.”