Moooving violation: NC transit system ‘udderly sorry’ after cow causes bus delays

Holy cow.

What happens when a suburban transit agency notices bus delays are being caused by a bovine in the road?

A social media account milks the encounter for all it’s worth — and some Twitter users are over the moon to put their own cow puns out to pasture.

At 12:53 p.m. Wednesday, Chapel Hill Transit tweeted: “We’ve been made aware of a cow in the road on Old Fayetteville. Your bus may not be moooving on time, but we suggest you take your beef up with the cow. We are udderly sorry for any delays.”

The CM and F routes were affected by the mooing violation, as first reported by Chapelboro.

Old Fayetteville Road is in the western part of Carrboro. The CM route winds through town, with stops on South Merritt Mill Road. The F route starts at the Jones Ferry Park and Ride Lot before stopping on Old Fayetteville Road, eventually making its way through Downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill and ending up near University Place.

While the steaks were high, at least for those on the bus who had places to go and people to see, Twitter beefed up its cattle calls.

“Couldn’t you just ask her to mooooove over?” a user named Irina asked.

“Are we moo U now?” TJ chimed in.

Another user noted the Carrboro road rural land on one side and dense apartments on the other, while @BikeDurham confessed, “Not likely to see this happen in the Bull City!”

The whole episode was over by 1:20 p.m., when Chapel Hill Transit announced: “The cow is home safe.”

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools still jumped into the fray, retweeting the update with “Have you herd?”

But by then, it was like a cow’s opinion.

It was moo.