Moose headbutts, stomps on woman walking dog, Colorado officials say

A moose charged, headbutted and stomped on a woman walking her dog, Colorado wildlife officials reported.

The encounter took place on the South Saint Vrain Trail north of Ward, on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 20, according to a news release by Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

The woman and her dog surprised a cow moose on the trail, officials said. After the incident, the woman walked to a nearby home.

She was taken to a hospital, officials said. Her dog, which was on a leash, had minor injuries.

Wildlife officers were unable to find the moose and posted warning signs on the trail.

Moose can perceive dogs as a threat and officials warn residents to keep dogs leashed at all times.

Ward is about 50 miles northwest of Denver.

What to know about moose

Moose are protective animals and will defend their territory and their young.

If someone encounters a moose, they should give it space to leave, wildlife officials said. People shouldn’t try to haze a moose to move out of the way.

Wildlife officials said people should do the following if a moose charges:

  • Run away quickly

  • Put a tree, rock or other large object between them and the moose

  • Get up quickly if knocked down

  • Report the incident to wildlife officials as soon as possible

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