1 million riot photos sent to police

Vancouver police are combing through more than one million photos and 1,000 hours of video submitted as evidence following the Stanley Cup riot in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday.

Hundreds of people tore through downtown streets breaking windows, looting stores and setting cars on fire following a huge street gathering that had been watching the Canucks' Stanley Cup loss.

Crown attorney Neil MacKenzie said only a handful of charges have been laid, but it is still early in the investigation.

"Obviously, the files are being given priority by Crown and police but it does take some time to complete the investigation and prepare reports," MacKenzie said.

"Certainly, it appears the police are dealing with a substantial amount of evidence [and] information that they are going to have to assess and determine whether it supports charges."

At this point in the investigation, MacKenzie said, it is too early to speculate how many rioters could end up in court.

"The branch is going to be working closely with police in assessing the evidence that is available, the evidence they are able to collect," he said.

"The prosecution service certainly takes the cases very seriously and we will devote whatever resources are necessary to effectively prosecute any cases that result."

Mackenzie said prosecutors will meet with police Monday as a part of a preliminary process of determining how the files will be handled as they come in.

According to the Insurance Corporation of B.C., more than 100 claims had been filed as of Sunday afternoon.