If you feel sad on Halloween, head to TikTok — you're not alone

  • Around Halloween, social media fills up with posts about fun costumes and parties.

  • This year, TikTokers have gone viral sharing that they've felt more sad and lonely watching everyone else's content.

  • Other users in response offered comfort and tips on how to pleasantly spend Halloween alone.

Over the weekend, social media has lit up with creative Halloween costumes and photos of adorned spooky parties.

On TikTok, a surge of users has gone viral sharing a dramatically different tone about the festive day. Several opened up about feeling sad, friendless, and lonely — and seeing an avalanche of people posting excitedly about their Halloween plans has only made them feel worse.

In response to a barrage of these videos, others are validating their feelings and offering tips on how to celebrate alone.

In one post from Saturday, the user @diabla_hpta recorded herself sitting in the airport and claimed in on-screen text that she was flying to Ibiza for Halloween because she has "no friends or social life" where she lives in New Jersey. She wrote that she'd "rather be lonely in a party island than" be "lonely in NJ."

In another clip from Sunday, the user @uggghhhggg appeared in a selfie video teary-eyed as she lamented about living 14 hours away from her friends and family, and had no one to celebrate Halloween with.

"I feel like I'm literally the only person in the whole entire world that doesn't have Halloween plans or friends," she said. "I'm not stupid, like I know that there's other people that are sad. So if you are sad and you see this just know that you're not alone."

Other posters have made similar videos expressing how bad it feels watching peoples' Instagram stories of parties when they're just sitting at home alone.

The comments on these videos are full of people saying they're in the same situation. Some people said they were scrolling TikTok because they had nothing else to do.

"I just moved away from all of my friends I know exactly how you feel I'm sorry your experience has been so difficult," one user wrote on @uggghhhggg's video. "GIRL I have sat on my couch all night watching tv by myself, you are not alone," another person said.

In response to the wave of people posting about being lonely, some users made videos comforting them, and with advice on how to partake in Halloween alone. On Friday, the TikToker @simmplyemmily said she was chronically excluded all her life and urged people not to dread spending the festive day alone. "This is temporary, it won't be like this forever," she said. "You are not alone."

The TikToker @lauraxbug said they still get into costume even if they have no plans.

"I get a costume and dress up for fun every year, have a lil photoshoot and never go anywhere," they wrote in the video. "Don't let having no plans stop you from having fun alone!"

Other users added their own suggestions in the comments. One person said they fill their schedule with delightful solo activities like pumpkin carving, candy eating, and cooking. Another person said they enjoy staying warm inside and watching scary movies.

"THANK YOU for this," one person wrote on @simmplyemmily's video. "i keep seeing videos about a 'crazy halloweekend' like… no. i'm just gonna chill in my apt- by myself."

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