‘Morning Joe’: Al Sharpton Says He’s ‘Embarrassed’ by Tim Scott for Backing Trump ‘in Such a Way That Is So Humiliating’ | Video

Rev. Al Sharpton aired his grievances about the way Sen. Tim Scott is choosing to publicly support former President Donald Trump going into November’s election.

The South Carolina senator officially endorsed the former president Friday after suspending his own presidential campaign two months ago. The endorsement news came just ahead of Ron DeSantis suspending his campaign for Republican presidential candidate Sunday and endorsing Trump, as well.

Now with just former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on the Republican primary ballot between now and November, Trump is still the presumed presidential nominee for the party after winning New Hampshire on Tuesday.

“There are few moments in my life I’ve been more embarrassed than to watch Tim Scott, who, Tim and I are both practicing Christians, but I don’t know if he could pray like that to the other side,” Sharpton told “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on Wednesday.

“I mean, it was humiliating to watch what Tim Scott did as a sitting senator, and one time he wasn’t even on the script,” Sharpton continued. “He interrupted Trump to pay homage. I had to say that because it’s bothered me all night.”

As Sharpton spoke, a clip of Scott interrupting Trump at the podium to tell him he loves him after Trump said, “You must really hate” Nikki Haley played.

“It’s not a good day in my life to watch him do that. I mean, to think that we fought to see people like him, Black become high-elected in the South and to do that,” Sharpton continued. “He has a right to be Republican, to back Donald Trump, but to do it in such a way that is so humiliating was troubling. Let’s put it that way. I want to try to be as nice as I can.”

Nikki Haley hasn’t had as many high-profile as Trump in the last week, but “Judge Judy” Sheindlin gave a rare endorsement on CNN on Monday.

Watch the full Al Sharpton clip from “Morning Joe” in the video above.

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