‘Morning Joe’ Thinks Trump Is Going to Disappoint His Voters From 8 Years Ago: ‘Tired,’ ‘Spent’ and Just ‘Playing the Hits’ | Video

“Morning Joe” cohost Joe Scarborough dug into the fallibility of former President Donald Trump’s 2024 reelection campaign on Wednesday, positing that his former voters from 2016 and 2020 are ultimately going to be disappointed with the politician they see on the campaign trail today.

To hear Scarborough tell it, Trump is “tired,” “spent” and just “playing the hits.”

The MSNBC host began the segment by paraphrasing J.V. Last of the Bulwark, saying, “The more people see Donald Trump, the more they’re reminded of Donald Trump.” That brought Scarborough to his point that that may in fact be an issue for the embattled former president. To say nothing of his ongoing legal troubles and four indictments, Trump simply isn’t the politician he was when first running eight years ago.

“I would say the more they see this Donald Trump that they haven’t seen in four years — and that’s, for those of us who don’t talk about politics for four hours a day or writer about it 12 hours a day — they’re going to see a more radical, a more exhausted, more tired, more spent Donald Trump playing the hits from eight years ago,” Scarborough said. “I’m not so sure that’s going to age too well.”

The host admitted that he may be “whistling past the graveyard — I don’t think so.”

Scarborough’s missive came in contrast to the “Morning Joe” guest at the time, writer Jonathan Chait, who published in New York magazine Tuesday an article titled, “Do You Remember the Ecstasy of Electing Joe Biden?”

Under the subhead “how the coalition that defeated Donald Trump crumbled,” Chait’s column breaks down how the “imperative” of keeping Trump out of the White House while settling for a dissatisfactory Biden has itself become exhausting for liberal voters.

“Morning Joe” shared excerpts from the story:

“The imperative to keep Trump out of the Oval Office has become tiresome … Many issues have strained the alliance of convenience between Biden and the left … But what has caused the schism between Biden and the left to crack wide open is the conflict between Israel and Hamas … Political passion is all on the side of extremism. Normalcy feels spent, enervating, and this has encouraged former members of anti-Trump coalition to gravitate toward other concerns that animate them … An important number of Americans who once found Trump intolerable have either forgotten how awful he is or have some strange craving for his return. Biden is often described as lacking energy, but it is not the president who is exhausted; it is us.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.

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