Mountie Caught on Camera Kicking Suspect During Arrest

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer was captured on video kicking a suspect twice during an arrest in Burnaby, British Columbia, on Monday, November 13, as a group of officers worked to restrain the man.

The suspect allegedly assaulted a police officer after multiple members of the public reported he was attacking people, walking into traffic, attempting to open vehicle doors, and swinging a hammer, a police statement said.

RCMP Corporal Mike Kalanj told CTV News Vancouver: “We generally try to de-escalate situations. In this situation there wasn’t much time to do that, so our officers used the necessary force to get this individual into custody safely.”

Both the 46-year-old suspect and a police officer were taken to the hospital to be assessed for injuries, local media said. Credit: @josh.dono via Storyful

Video Transcript