Students from Lexington County bus crash all released from hospital

Multiple students transported to the hospital after a school bus crash Thursday afternoon have all been released.

Lexington Medical Center confirmed that all patients transported from the crash scene near Gilbert had been released as of 9 a.m. Friday. All patients arrived at the hospital in stable condition after a truck reportedly collided with a Lexington 1 school bus carrying students after school, hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Wilson said.

The school district confirmed Thursday afternoon that nine students and a driver were transported from the scene by EMS. At least two other students arrived at the hospital after being transported by parents from the crash scene.

WIS reported that the intersection of A.C. Bouknight Road and Pond Branch Road was shut down Thursday evening as the collision between the bus and a truck is being investigated. The reported site of the crash is near Interstate 20 south of Gilbert. By 7:20 p.m., the crash site had been cleared.

The State has reached out to law enforcement and fire service for more information.

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