Is the Myrtle Beach area getting snow? It’s going to be a very cold weekend

Parts of the Grand Strand could have see a touch of snow early Friday, but don’t expect it to accumulate or stay around long.

A Feb. 2 forecast from the National Weather Service’s Wilmington office puts the chance of a tiny amount of snowfall across Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach at 12% and 16% respectively.

“In the rare instance the 12% chance of snow comes to fruition Friday morning, there will not be enough for any accumulation as moisture will be leaving and temps will warm (albeit not much) during the day,” the National Weather Service said in a Wednesday tweet.

But even if the ground stays dry, it’s going to feel like winter over the next few days as an arctic front could make temperatures feel as cold as 17 degrees with wind chill.

By Monday, it’ll be back into the mid-60s.

“It’s a pretty short lived arctic blast,” National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Bright said. “People won’t want to be outside for any extended period of time without the proper clothing.”

There’s a lot of science behind the models forecasters use in trying to figure out when and if snow will arrive — 61 threads fed into the National Weather Service’s Prediction Center do the heavy lifting.

“If enough models are forecasting snow, the graphics will have some probabilities included,” the NWS said in a tweet.

Bright said the best chance for any measurable snow would be in areas north of Myrtle Beach, but even that’s unlikely.

“The chances are super low ... at this point, we’re not expecting any accumulation, especially with a warm ground,” he said.