NASA and Axiom Space unveil new space suit for 2025 lunar mission

On Wednesday, NASA and Axiom Space unveiled a brand-new space suit that Artemis III astronauts will wear when they return to the moon in 2025. Get all the details in this special fashion edition of Yahoo News’ “This Week in Outer Space.”

Video Transcript


- It's Fashion Week in Outer Space, so move over Paris, out of the way New York, and sayonara, Tokyo, because the hottest new looks for the modern astronaut on the go are being served up in Houston, Texas. On Wednesday, NASA and Axiom Space unveiled the brand new spacesuit that astronauts on the upcoming Artemis 3 mission will wear when they return to the Moon in 2025.

- Wow. That is super cool.

- Unlike intravehicular spacesuits, which are only worn inside a spacecraft and have gone through dozens of iterations from Yuri Gagarin to SpaceX, these new extravehicular suits, or EVAs, that are built to survive the vacuum of space, marked the first major ground-up redesign since the 1960s.

Now, sure, a lot of the classic features are still there-- a big dome helmet and a bulky design. But the new suit features a ton of new technology and vastly improved range of motion. Although, while the demo EVAs sport a handsome, new, black, blue, and orange design, the ones that go to the Moon will go back to the classic all-white look because, otherwise, solar radiation might cook the astronauts alive.

The design is likely to change a little bit between now and 2025. And there are still some details they haven't released, like you know, what's the whole bathroom situation. But we'll be keeping up with the latest and we'll be back next Saturday with a brand new This Week in Outer Space.