Nat and Alex Wolff Spill on 'Fun' First Tour in Years While Preparing for Next Era: 'Just the Beginning' (Exclusive)

The famous brothers, who are currently on a limited-city tour following the release of last year's 'Table For Two' album, tell PEOPLE about how it's been "a blast" performing on first tour since 2012

<p>Taylor Flynn</p> (L-R) Alex and Nat Wolff

Taylor Flynn

(L-R) Alex and Nat Wolff

When it comes to the future, Nat and Alex Wolff have a lot to look forward to.

The two brothers have been making music together for years, beginning as children through their former Nickelodeon series The Naked Brothers Band. But Nat, 29, and Alex, 26, have evolved as artists in the years since, releasing their debut album, Black Sheep, in 2011, followed by their 2016 EP, Public Places.

Finding their groove further with their sophomore release, Table For Two, last year, the pair — who have also found success in the acting world — are taking their unique blend of alternative pop-rock music on the road for the first time in more than a decade, which is something that feels surreal to the duo.

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"We haven't toured since before COVID and I have this song that I wrote about my dad's illness that's taken place in the last five or six years, and he's doing much better. But I've gotten to tell the story on stage, which I haven't really gotten to talk about before," Nat exclusively tells PEOPLE. "We did a meet and greet after and all these people were coming up to me and crying and opening up about their mom's sick or their dad had passed away, and I never had that kind of connection with an audience before like that. Boston was the first time. ... It was really beautiful."

Of kicking the January shows off in Boston on Jan. 21, Alex tells PEOPLE, "It was maybe one of my favorite shows we've ever done since we were young."

"It was really, really, really fun. The crowd was crazy," Alex continues as Nat adds, "We're playing with this new guy, Allen, who's an incredible keyboardist and singer and also plays a lot of bass in his left hand and can play all the lines from the record in his right hand, so it added a lot."

<p>Kimmy Curry</p> (L-R) Nat and Alex Wolff

Kimmy Curry

(L-R) Nat and Alex Wolff

Alex notes that it's "honestly just been so fun, especially this Boston show and revving up for it that it just makes you want to do it more."

"I think you can have an idea of what it's going to be like, which could be good, but I didn't know it was going to be as fun as it was in Boston. It was so fun," the Hereditary actor continues. "It was fun practicing for it. It was fun performing. It was fun talking to all the fans afterwards."

"I think maybe when you're younger it's harder to connect or something, but I know that now when I talk to the fans at the show, you can really talk about what the songs are about and have fun conversations," he adds. "It was really a blast this last Boston show, so I'm really excited for Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Decatur and New York City."

<p>Kimmy Curry</p> Alex Wolff

Kimmy Curry

Alex Wolff

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To make their time on the road all the more seamless, they have a series of must-haves in tow. "Throat coat tea, honey, lemon cough drops, bottle of champagne," notes Alex as Nat says, "We've been doing a lot of healthy tofu vegan food."

"You need a lot of winter stuff. I mean, we have a little run in Texas, which hopefully is going to be warm, but pretty much it's been all freezing cold. It's going to be all freezing cold," adds the Which Brings Me to You actor.

The famous siblings also have carried over the tradition of their pre-show chant, which Nat notes that "we've been doing that since we were little kids."

Nat Wolff
Nat Wolff

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Many of their upcoming dates are fully sold out, including their performance at Brooklyn's iconic Baby's All Right venue. But the pair know that their January tour is a precursor for what's ahead, including an upcoming appearance at an Arizona music festival next month.

"I think this is just the beginning," Nat teases. "We're excited about the festival. I hope we play some more festivals too. That'd be great. We're just compiling all the songs from the new album and it's really exciting."

Tickets for Nat and Alex Wolff's tour can be purchased here.

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