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NAT060 – (AI-Randi-Zuckerberg)
TORONTO. x–35s. (Michelle Zadikian (zah-deek-YEN’)) Media mogul and Facebook Live creator Randi Zuckerberg says she thinks creators should start disclosing when they’ve used artificial intelligence to produce work. (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

NAT061 – (Ont-Legis-Keffiyeh)
OAKVILLE, Ont. x–17s. An N-D-P motion to allow keffiyehs (keh-FEE’-yehz) to be worn in the Ontario legislature has failed. It did not receive unanimous consent after at least one member voted against it. Premier Doug Ford and the opposition leaders have all called for Speaker Ted Arnott to reverse his decision to not allow the scarf in the legislature.
(“..his mind.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: Arnott says the legislature has long tried to restrict wearing any clothing or item attempting to make an overtly political statement and he believes that at this moment in time the keffiyeh meets that definition.

The Canadian Press