Nearly a year later, residents still waiting for developer to fix fence that impales deer

Nearly a year after they started a petition, residents of Edmonton's Cameron Heights neighbourhood are still waiting for a fix to a spiked metal fence that has impaled deer.

Ward 5 Coun. Sarah Hamilton said the city has approved spending $60,066 toward a retrofit to the ornamental fence in the River Pointe subdivision. The retrofit would involve installing a flat bar over top of the spikes that stick up from the top of the fence, Hamilton said Friday.

The total cost of the project is under $80,000, "a relatively small amount of money in terms of alleviating a problem for the community," Hamilton said.

But there's an issue. The city can't move forward with the project because developer Delta Square Developments Ltd. is unresponsive, Hamilton said.

"It's now a year later, the problem's still there, and I absolutely hear the disappointment of the community," she said.

She said Delta Square Developments is aware the money has been set aside for the retrofit. But she hasn't heard from the company for a year and is frustrated by its lack of response, she said.

CBC News contacted Delta Square Developments Ltd. for comment but did not receive a response.

In November last year, residents said they saw deer jumping over the fence and getting stuck.

Two deer were euthanized after they were impaled on spikes that run along the top of the fence.

Travis McEwan/CBC
Travis McEwan/CBC

In January, residents started a petition, calling on Delta Square Developments Ltd. to modify or replace the metal fence. About 1,800 people signed the petition.

"Not getting clear communication on timelines, not getting clear communication … that's not fair to the community and that's not being a good neighbour," Hamilton said.

Keri Clifford, former civics director for the Cameron Heights community league, said she has received multiple complaints from residents in the area.

"They're very upset," Clifford said. "I would like to see some workers out there working and fixing the fence properly, and doing that in the next week or two, so that we don't have any animals killed."

"We have lots of walking trails, lots of young families and it's close to our playground and park area.

"I have a five-year-old, and if I was walking along and saw that, I would be horrified whether I was with my child or not."

Travis McEwan/CBC
Travis McEwan/CBC