Neighbours airs a major revelation over JJ's father

Neighbours spoilers follow from Monday's episode, which is streaming now on Amazon Freevee.

Neighbours has revealed that show newcomer Felix Rodwell could be JJ Varga-Murphy's father.

The storyline twist aired in Monday's episode (February 26) as Felix was seen lying to his brother Andrew about the past.

James Beaufort has been cast in the role of Felix, who's a new guest character for the soap.

Felix is currently in jail and has reached out to Andrew for support with his parole application, needing a stable place to stay if he gets released.

felix in neighbours
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Andrew was interested in helping his sibling, but he feared the potential consequences for the rest of Ramsay Street as he suspected that Felix could be JJ's father.

Neighbours fans know that Cara Varga-Murphy's friend Phillipa Wade was once looking for a sperm sample as she hoped to get pregnant. Phillipa later secured a sample but handed it over to Cara, who was hoping to start a family with her wife Remi.

Cara used this sample as well as one from an American donor, creating uncertainty over who JJ's father might be.

In Monday's episode, Andrew visited Felix in prison and quizzed him over his past connection to Phillipa.

felix and jj vargamurphy in neighbours
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After hearing about Andrew's theory – and that he's now living on the same street as the Varga-Murphys – Felix firmly denied ever providing a sperm sample to Phillipa.

This proved to be a major relief for Andrew, who realised that he could support Felix's release without having to worry about drama for the wider community.

Later, a surprise cliffhanger showed Felix clutching a letter in prison which Phillipa had once sent to him. This contained the missing pages from Phillipa's diary.

The diary entries confirmed that Phillipa did indeed receive a sample from Felix before giving it to Cara after having second thoughts about her own plans.

felix rodwell and andrew rodwell in neighbours
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Recalling the events of a fateful party that Felix and Phillipa both attended, one page read: "But the best thing that happened was Felix Rodwell. He came up to me late in the night and said he'd be happy to give me his sperm. I am so freaking happy.

"Yes, he's a lot younger than Andrew (my first choice) but who cares? Sperm is sperm. My baby dream is alive and well. So now I have a donor, time to sober up and get super healthy."

A subsequent entry from May 2007 read: "So… major regrets. I kinda feel terrible about not coming clean to Cara about where that sperm came from.

"After the whole drama of Andrew giving me his then taking it back. I mean, who does that really? Using Felix's sperm just felt a bit weird. But I didn't want to waste it and Cara was so desperate."

Neighbours fans will see this new storyline continue in the coming weeks as Felix moves to Ramsay Street and struggles to resist the chance to get to know JJ.

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. In Australia, the show airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 4pm on Channel 10, with a 6.30pm repeat screening on 10 Peach.

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