Neighbours confirms first details of special flashback week

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours has confirmed the first official details of a special flashback week.

The week commencing Monday, November 13 will finally solve some of the mysteries that have kept fans guessing since the iconic soap returned for its new season.

Neighbours' big comeback episode in September was set two years after the events of the 2022 finale, focusing on the surprise wedding of Toadie Rebecchi and Terese Willis.

Lots of unexpected events had happened during the two-year gap, including Paul Robinson jilting Terese at the altar and Melanie Pearson leaving Erinsborough in strange circumstances.

toadie rebecchi and melanie pearson in neighbours
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Viewers have been drip-fed details in recent weeks, but the full story will unravel in the forthcoming special episodes.

As events in the present reach a dramatic peak, some specially-filmed scenes will flash back to the past and put fans in the picture over what happened when the Ramsay Street residents were off our screens.

The week is being billed as "Tell All: Flashback Week" and will play out across four episodes.

stefan dennis as paul robinson in neighbours
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The first official teaser spoilers for these episodes follow below.

Monday, November 13

The residents of Ramsay Street are challenged when long held secrets come to the surface.

Tuesday, November 14

The revelations continue when an unassuming resident of Ramsay Street steps forward to confess their part in the troubling secrets of the past.

Wednesday, November 15

As the web of secrets continues to unravel, surprising new players enter the fold.

Thursday, November 16

The past catches up to the future as tensions and secrets come to a head.

Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul, previously hinted that his character had a secret motive for humiliating Terese on their wedding day.

Stefan exclusively told Digital Spy: "I can't tell you why, because it involves an incredibly big storyline which is coming up, and we can't unfold that at all.

"It's nothing like what you think. The one thing that we can tell you is that even though it looks like Paul was being his typical ruthless self, and a selfish person by shunning Terese at the altar, he actually did it for Terese and she doesn't know that.

"She doesn't realise that Paul, in his own way, he was protecting her. That was why he jilted her at the altar."

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. In Australia, the show airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 4pm on Channel 10, with a 6.30pm repeat screening on 10 Peach.

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