Neighbours' Toadie to cross the line with Melanie again

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours fans will see Toadie Rebecchi defy Karl Kennedy's warnings next week as he turns to his ex-wife Melanie Pearson for support once again.

Toadie searches for a confidante as he continues to worry about the troubled state of his marriage to Terese Willis.

The couple are currently on rocky ground after Terese found out about Melanie's attempts to destroy her relationship by tempting Toadie away.

Terese's ongoing loyalty to her ex-husband Paul Robinson is also causing problems.

paul robinson, terese willis and toadie rebecchi in neighbours
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Paul is currently facing opposition all round in Erinsborough after he was caught out for playing an inadvertent role in the death of his son David Tanaka.

While most people are disgusted by Paul's behaviour, Terese is worried about him and believes that he needs support.

Next week, the ongoing situation takes its toll on Toadie as he continues to feel shut out by Terese.

Toadie seeks out Melanie for a chat, complaining that Terese seems more worried about Paul than discussing their own issues.

toadie rebecchi and melanie pearson in neighbours
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The Erinsborough lawyer was recently warned by Karl that he needs to stop turning to Melanie whenever things go wrong with Terese.

Karl pointed out that Terese would feel betrayed by Toadie's behaviour, and he also felt that it wasn't fair on Melanie. However, Toadie appears to have disregarded these warnings.

In their latest cosy chat, Melanie moves closer to comfort Toadie and they share a loaded moment.

Toadie becomes rattled and rushes off before things can go too far – but is it only a matter of time before he cheats on Terese?

toadie rebecchi in neighbours
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In real life, Ryan Moloney – who plays Toadie – recently announced UK tour dates for later this year.

The long-serving actor will take a short break from the soap later this year to go on the road for An Evening With Ryan Moloney, with dates running from September 3 to September 27.

Neighbours airs Toadie and Melanie's new scenes on Monday, March 4.

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. In Australia, the show airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 4pm on Channel 10, with a 6.30pm repeat screening on 10 Peach.

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