'Nemesis' niece sends uncle a special delivery

This letter starts out innocently enough, but gets more sinister once you reach the P.S. From Reddit.

A Reddit user who has a unique rapport with his niece shared a letter she sent him that included some extra flair.

InfoSecPeezy posted a photo of a letter from his nine-year-old niece. It was a response to an envelope he had sent her, which allegedly contained a fart. So, she replied with the following:

Full text:

Dear Uncle Nemesis,

Hi There!

How are you doing? I am fabulous.

I have earned ten dollars and I am going to buy spend it all on candy that I will stash in my room. Not much has happened, but I will keep you posted. I regret to inform you, that the last time I saw you, I could not deliver my booger, so, I will put it on the bottom of the page.

booger ->



P.S. I farted in the envelope.

The beloved uncle stressed that the booger wasn’t actually real – or at least “it didn’t taste real”. He goes on to say that in his next package to his niece, he intends to send a hard boiled potato with an invoice, along with a response written backwards, some candy wrappers and a ransom demand.

One commenter suggested he read the heart-felt note at his niece’s wedding. The uncle replies that the letter will most certainly be framed so it can be preserved in all its glory.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this it’s that letters are definitely more textile than texts or emails.