Netflix’s Outlast: where are the winners now?

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Netflix’s Outlast: where are the winners now?Netflix

If you haven’t already caught Netflix’s new survivalist reality show Outlast, you are seriously missing out!

Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat as 16 contestants attempt to outlast one another in the rather harsh Alaskan wilderness. But to make it to the end and be in with a chance of taking home the $1 million prize pot, they must work together and form a team to do so.

The sixteen individuals ultimately become four teams of four, known as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta, with them having to watch out for everything from sabotage to betrayals. So, not only are they battling the cold, rain, hunger and even bears(!), they also have to battle one another.

*Spoiler alert*

And after three weeks, team Charlie – made up of Seth Lueker, Paul Preece and Nick Radner – were crowned the winners of the very first season of the show, taking home $333,000 each.

But what have the Outlast winners been up to since?

seth lueker outlast

Where is Seth Lueker now?

It looks like US Marine Seth hasn’t been up to much since the show wrapped filming – from what we can tell – but he did do something specific as soon as the show was over. And that was to have a ham sandwich.

Speaking to Tudum, Seth admitted, “after we won, and they took our picture with the money, someone gave me a ham sandwich. That ham sandwich was all that was on my mind at that moment. That, and my family."

He continues to live with his family in Winchester, Virginia and recently spent even more time outdoors to hike the Appalachian trail.

paul preece outlast

Where is Paul Preece now?

In the time since the show finished, Paul has launched his own podcast, The Horns. And fans of Outlast will be pleased to know that in the very first episode he is joined by Seth, Nick and fellow contestant Angie Kenai, as they catch up and discuss their time on the show.

He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his family and continues to put his hunting skills to good use by bringing home fresh meat for dinner.

nick radner outlast

Where is Nick Radner now?

Despite his win, Nick continues to teach English Language at Palm Harbor University High, where he also coaches wrestling.

In the time that has passed since the show ended, he has also solo-climbed Mount Shasta in California and travelled more generally around the United States, checking off the likes of the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest and the Sierra Nevadas.

You can catch up with the first season of Outlast on Netflix now.

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