Netflix's 'The Chosen One' is 'Stranger Things' meets the Book of Revelation. Here's what we know about a possible season 2.

jodie in the chosen one, a preteen boy standing in front of a large cross
Bobby Luhnow as Jodie in "The Chosen One."Carla Danieli/Netflix
  • "The Chosen One" is a Netflix Adaptation of Mike Millar and Peter Gross' "American Jesus."

  • The vibe is a mix of "Stranger Things" and the Bible, following a 12-year-old with Christ-like powers.

  • There are two more comic volumes to draw from should the series get a second season.

Netflix's "The Chosen One," a week and change after its August 16 premiere, has landed on the platform's most-watched television list in the United States. The series is an adaptation of Mike Millar ("Kingsman," "Kick Ass") and Peter Gross' comic book series "American Jesus," which follows a 12-year-old boy who discovers that he has messiah-like powers.

The Spanish- and English-language series (its Spanish title is"El Elegido") takes that conceit and crafts a story in Baja California. Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) is a preteen who, after embarking on an expedition with his young group of friends, learns that he has tremendous powers when he survives a truck falling on him from an overpass. With a colorful cast of young characters, the show is part "Stranger Things" and part Book of Revelation, all set in late '90s Mexico. The series also stars Dianna Agron ("Glee") as Jodie's mother, and Tenoch Huerta ("Black Panther: Wakanda Forever") as Lemuel, an agent sent to investigate Jodie.

There's plenty more ground for "The Chosen One" to tread, should it get renewed for a second season at Netflix. Here's what to know.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for "The Chosen One" season one and "American Jesus."

jodie and magda in the chosen one, standing at a carnival and smiling at each other with bright lights behind them
Magda (Amelie Siordia) and Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) in "The Chosen One."Carla Danieli/Netflix

What happened in the season 1 ending of 'The Chosen One'?

Long story short, Jodie learns that he isn't the messiah. Rather, he's the Antichrist, and a son of Satan rather than God.

In the episode, titled "Revelation," Jodie performs a few more miracles before leaving. Those include bringing his friend Tuka back to life at his funeral, and saving Angelo — the bully who accidentally shot Tuka — from being torn apart by townspeople.

Jodie's mother Sarah realizes that it's time for them to stop running from Jodie's past, and for Jodie to finally meet his father. After an emotional goodbye where she reassures him that he'll always be her "boy," Jodie gets into a car with someone from the organization that his mother made a deal with years ago.

sarah and jodie standing together looking together at a carnival
Sarah (Dianna Agron) and Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) in "The Chosen One."Carla Danieli/Netflix

The woman, who has been observing Jodie over the course of his life, reveals that Jodie's father is the devil. And now, it's time for him to begin his "training."

The show then immediately flashes forward to the future, where a grown-up Jodie has risen to become the president of the United States. On Air Force One, Jodie's informed that they'll be landing in the "Holy Land" at midnight, and will be "ready to strike" before then.

What could a season 2 of 'The Chosen One' cover?

For the most part, season one of "The Chosen One" covers the first installment of Millar and Gross' trilogy, titled "Chosen."

The next volume in the series is called "The New Messiah," and as its title suggests, it follows the other side of the coin: Luciana, a teenager in 1974 Harlem, realizes that she's pregnant despite never having sex with her boyfriend. The couple flee to a compound, realizing that Luciana carries the second coming of Christ. Eventually, her daughter Catalina comes into her powers, vowing to destroy the Antichrist.

jodie in the chosen one sitting in a car with his mother in the background
Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) in "The Chosen One."Victor Ortiz Aladro/Netflix

The third volume, "Revelation," follows the confrontation between the two, as Jodie attempts to execute his Satanic plans as the president of the United States and Catalina attempts to stop him.

What's going on with Mike Millar's other Netflix adaptations?

"The Chosen One" isn't the first series Netflix has done based on Millar's work. In 2017, Netflix purchased his label Millarworld in order to develop series based on Millarworld works.

The first Millar adaptation was "Jupiter's Legacy," which ran for a single eight-episode season before Netflix canceled it. In June 2021, the streamer announced that it would produce a live-action adaptation of "Supercrooks," a comic series written by Millar and illustrated by Leinil Yu, as a spin-off of "Jupiter's Legacy." Netflix also released an anime adaptation of "Supercrooks" in November 2021.

Other projects in development include an adaptation of Millar's "The Magic Order" and a "six-episode live-action spy series," per a 2021 blog post from Millar himself. Film adaptations of Millar's "Reborn," "Empress," "Huck," "Sharkey the Bounty Hunter," and "Prodigy" were also all in stages of development at the time.

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