Netflix's Wellmania viewers are questioning a certain plot detail in the series

Netflix's Wellmania viewers are questioning a certain plot detail in the series

If you're anything like us then you will have spent the last few days watching Netflix's newest comedy drama series Wellmania. It's hilarious, set in Australia and features some surprisingly deep moments, aka perfect binge watching material.

The eight-part series stars Celeste Barber as food journalist Liv who travels back to Australia for her best friend's birthday, only to get stuck there after losing her green card and unable to travel back to the United States.

In order to apply for a new green card she must pass a health check which she drastically fails, and therefore sets herself on a wellness journey, where she learns plenty more about herself than she bargained for.

wellmania viewers have question over series

Whilst viewers have been loving the series, and are already calling for a season two, there is one certain plot point that has left fans slightly confused.

In the first episode we learn Liv is living in New York and plans to travel to Sydney, Australia for the weekend to celebrate her best friend's birthday.

Except, let's remember New York and Australia aren't exactly next door to each other, in fact it's usually a 24 hour flight. Not exactly weekend away material. Can you imagine the jet lag? We're tired just thinking about it.

And some viewers are very confused over the plot point, with one person tweeting: "Watching Wellmania and in the first episode she flies from New York to Australia for the weekend which is bonkers because the travel one way takes 22 hours min."

And another agreed with their tweet saying: "I thought I was the only one who thought that was insane."

Whilst it does seem crazy that Liv planned to do a roundtrip to Australia within a weekend, it also highlights the exact point the series is trying to highlight, that Liv is pushing herself to extremes to the detriment of her health.

Although if anyone could survive a roundtrip to Australia from New York in the matter of a few days, we reckon Liv could.

Wellmania is available on Netflix now

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