Never send a boring email again: How to add a signature (and photo) in Outlook

"I hope this finds you well," "Best," "Hope your week is off to a good start," "Kind regards." Whether you love or loathe them, these common expressions are standard email salutations.

But even if you're sticking with the stereotypical email jargon, it doesn't mean you can't jazz it up with other elements. It's easy to add a photo, fun colors, a quote or your pronouns to your email signature.

Here's a step-by-step guide to adding a personal touch to your emails without typing it out every time.

How to add a signature in Outlook

You can find Outlook customization options in settings, or the gear icon on the right side of the top horizontal menu.

  1. Go to settings

  2. Select "Mail" from the left rail

  3. Select "Compose and reply"

  4. Select the "New signature" option with the plus sign

  5. Create your new signature, give it a name and hit save

How to add a picture to your signature in Outlook

You can also add a company logo or other picture to your email signature in Outlook, giving your emails a bit of professionalism.

  1. Go to settings

  2. Select "Mail" from the left rail

  3. Select "Compose and reply"

  4. In an existing signature or new signature, select the photo icon on the bottom horizontal options menu

  5. Upload a photo from your computer

Customize your Outlook signature

There are several ways to customize a signature for your needs and preferences as you send emails.

For example, you can create several signatures for different purposes. Outlook allows users to select a default signature for new messages, replies and forwards. You can find this setting by scrolling down below the signature box in "Compose and reply."

You can also change the font, size, color and format of your signature using the options menu below the signature box. Try making part of your signature bold, add a link or use the quote function (quotation marks icon) to add a favorite line.

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