EXCLUSIVE: Sylvester Stallone surprises Arnold Schwarzenegger in hospital

Every movie has a hero. But one hospital has two of them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger got a surprise Wednesday when he landed in the hospital at the same time as his "Expendables 2" director and co-star Sylvester Stallone.

According to a tweet from the former governor of California, Schwarzenegger was in the hospital to get "a little tune-up" for his shoulder, thanks to "all the action, stunts & physical abuse" he took shooting his latest film, "The Last Stand." And it certainly didn't help that he'd just recently filmed the follow-up to "The Expendables," which he shot in Bulgaria with Stallone, who apparently took a beating as well.

"Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery," Schwarzenegger tweeted, including a photo of him and Stallone side by side in hospital beds, sporting matching patient bracelets. Twinsies!

A source close to Schwarzenegger revealed exclusively to omg! Canada that the 64-year-old actor had gone in for rotator-cuff surgery and was rolled into a room where Stallone was awaiting him. In a "totally coincidental" chain of events, the 65-year-old "Rambo" star had been scheduled for surgery right after Schwarzenegger.

"Sly had told [the staff] not to start the surgery until Arnold woke up, so when [Arnold] woke up, [Sly] was right there," the source said.

Both stars had "minor" surgery and neither Schwarzenegger nor Stallone stayed in the hospital over night, the source added.

Although Schwarzengger also tweeted, "Now we're ready for another round of great times and action when we shoot The Tomb. #greattobeback," the source revealed the actor hadn't actually planned to release the hospital pic on the same day his role in "The Tomb" was announced. Sometimes, the stars just align!

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