Nick Carter Says His 'Dream' Is for His Kids to Have a 'Normal Life': 'Be Better Than Me'

Nick Carter family
Nick Carter family

Nick Carter/Instagram

Nick Carter is hopeful for his children having a sense of normalcy in their futures.

The Backstreet Boys member, 42, appeared on the latest episode of the "We Are Family" podcast for Parents magazine where he opened up about his dream for his children to have "normal lives."

The musician told host Julia Dennison that after becoming the breadwinner in his family at the age of 12, he's looking forward to allowing his kids — son Odin Reign, 5, and daughters Saoirse, 2, and Pearl, 10 months — to simply enjoy their childhood without added pressure.

"They could just be kids, enjoy their lives, grow up, go to school, have friends, take them to karate, to like T-ball here, whatever it is just let them be kids and let me be the provider for them," Carter said.

"I have so many hopes and dreams for my children and my family, the one thing, it's so silly. I want to see them go to college," he added. "Just a normal life."

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Nick Carter
Nick Carter

courtesy Nick Carter Nick Carter with kids Odin, Pearl and Saoirse

Carter explained that growing up with so many responsibilities gave him the longtime desire to "take care of the ones that I love the most," which is the mindset he's kept since becoming a father.

"Now that I have those three little munchkins, I will never let them down, I will always be there through thick and thin, and they're everything to me," the "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" singer said.

The proud dad said that his plan to "have structure" and create a "peaceful and healthy household" will be centered around his children's education.

"Whatever they want to do, as far as their profession goes, that's really up to them," Carter said. "But what I want, I just want to have school be a priority."

"I remember having this conversation with one of the staff people at one of the schools that I'm taking my children to, and they asked me that, they said that question, 'What do you want?' I said, 'I want them to be better than me.' And that's my only dream."

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Nick Carter family
Nick Carter family

Nick Carter/Instagram

Additionally on the podcast, Carter detailed his adjustment to becoming a father of three, sharing that he's enjoying the ride.

"You're learning on the job, you're figuring it all out. I love the challenge. I think it's great," Carter added. "It's a challenge and by the end of the day, I'm exhausted and I'm going to sleep and waking up early. I absolutely love it."

Carter said that hopefully as his kids get older, they'll be able to entertain each other, but in the meantime, he's thankful for being able to split parent duties with his wife Lauren.

"Thankfully I have my wife who's able to help right now," he said. "Odin. He's 5 years old and he's all about Mommy right now. Everything is Mommy, Mommy, Mommy."

"I'm like that's good. You go to your mommy. So I'll take care of the two girls," Carter added with a laugh.