Nigel Lythgoe Seeks to Dismiss ‘Despicable’ Paula Abdul Sexual Assault Lawsuit in LA Court Filing

Nigel Lythgoe sought to get Paula Abdul’s sexual assault lawsuit from December dismissed on Tuesday, calling the action “despicable” and “the worst kind of character assassination” in a L.A. Superior Court filing.

The formal response denying the former “American Idol” judge’s claim that Lythgoe sexually assaulted her twice followed his exit from judging “So You Think You Can Dance” shortly after the New Year.

“Unfortunately for Lythgoe, today’s climate has turned the statutory presumption of innocence until proven guilty on its head. In a matter of minutes, Abdul’s false allegations had a life-changing impact on Lythgoe,” the filing from the firm of Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP read. “With little-to-no regard for the truth, without a fair trial, and without Lythgoe having an opportunity to tell his side of the story, and prove the falsity of hers, his life, the lives of his loved ones and his reputation suffered substantial damage.”

The filing also claims that Abdul’s accusations in her complaint “lack specificity as to when, where and how any alleged abuse occurred,” adding that she is a “well-documented fabulist with a long history of telling wild stories that are untethered from reality.”

“True to form, Abdul’s accusations about Lythgoe are pure fiction,” it read.

Abdul’s suit cites the first instance of sexual assault as taking place in an elevator in the hotel she was saying at with Lythgoe while on the road for “American Idol” regional auditions. The second incident occurred years later when she was asked to be a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Lythgoe, a veteran competition show producer who also backed “American Idol,” wants Abdul’s complaint “dismissed in its entirety with prejudice.”

“Lythgoe will continue to promote the dissemination of truth – which confirms that Abdul is not a victim of sexual assault at the hand of Lythgoe, but it is Lythgoe who has been a victim of Abdul’s appalling lies,” the response read.

The documents contain previous texts and social media posts of gratitude and affection made by Abdul toward Lythgoe, arguing that they are examples of how she “really felt” about “her friend and colleague.” Further, Lythgoe questioned in the filing why Abdul would tolerate his presence or send him “adoring” messages and “sexually provocative jokes” if her claims were true.

Lythgoe further argued that he fought for Abdul to be included in projects like “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” despite the “reputation she developed because of her drug-fueled erratic behavior.”

The TV personality and producer has been sued twice more for similar instances since Abdul’s Dec. 30 complaint.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

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