Nikki Haley: How will you explain endorsement of Trump to your children and ours? | Opinion

How to explain?

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.

When you stood up to Donald Trump, I was pleased and impressed and I voted for you in the recent South Carolina primary.

This week, I was devastated to read that you have lowered your standards so much that you said you would vote for Trump in the fall.

You know what Trump thinks of you, your husband and your marriage. He has made that clear.

You know he has been found liable for sexual assault. You know he is an adulterer, a grifter, a liar and a cheater who makes a practice of not paying his bills. You know he is a business failure who lost the last election.

How low can your standards be to proclaim that you will vote for this man?

How will you explain this horrible choice to your children and all of the children of South Carolina?

Al Muench, Bluffton

What are we about?

On May 20, the South Carolina attorney general, Alan Wilson, spoke publicly in front of the New York City courthouse where the hush money trial of Donald Trump is being held

Was Mr. Wilson acting in his official capacity when he made his remarks?

Who paid for Mr. Wilson’s travel to New York?

Is this really what South Carolina is about?

Tim Wheeler, Edisto Island

Bumps in the road

I got back to the island from an extended trip.

I asked my neighbor when the state had put all the new speed bumps on Point Comfort Rd.

He told me they were pine tree roots!

Hank Barrett, Hilton Head

Opposes nuclear testing

New nuclear proliferation by the Biden administration puts everyone at risk for Armageddon.

The recent subcritical nuclear test conducted by the United States in Nevada is more than alarming, it is morally reprehensible.

The fact that President Biden plans to increase the frequency of these subcritical experiments when he knows that the use of nuclear weapons destroy the environment, are indiscriminate in their destruction, and deny the unity of mankind and the world says he doesn’t value our world and the spirit of love that inhabits it.

We must turn from our narrow exclusionary views and embrace a more inclusive one or our fate will be continually tied to hatred and fear.

In addition, these tests will further accelerate the nuclear arms race. What kind of future are we creating for our people and the world?

It is time to do away with all tests that contribute to maintaining or developing nuclear weapons and focus on how to create and embrace a more peaceful, loving world.

Cassandra Fralix, Lexington

Protests unsettling

Recently we have seen outbursts by college kids regarding the Israeli-Palestinian War.

First of all, the majority of our future leaders now in college have no idea where these countries are. History is a lost art anymore in college.

I believe in a right to protest and remember when student protests against Vietnam helped end that war, but after a few days, some of these gutless college administrators today let the students stop graduations, final exams, etc.

This should not have happened.

Have the police come in and arrest the kids who are much more violent than in the past. Destroying property in buildings is not protesting.

Arrest the kids who do this damage. File a complaint.

Then when it comes time to get a job, explain to mom and pop that their child’s court record has shown up and that good companies don’t want to hire troublemakers.

This is the real world we live in now. And it’s getting worse.

Pat Clark, Columbia