Nina Dobrev offers glimpse into recovery from dirt biking accident with new photos

Nina Dobrev is opening up about her recovery after the actress hurt her knee in a dirt biking accident.

In a series of posts to her Instagram Story Monday, Dobrev gave fans a health update about post-accident life. "The Vampire Diaries" star shared several photos from her recovery process, including a picture of herself wearing a leg brace. Other photos showed Dobrev holding a large floral arrangement and eating some waffles.

“In case you've been wondering what I’ve been up to,” Dobrev wrote. “Eat. Sleep. CPM machine. Physical therapy. Repeat. If you’ve had this injury, you know what a CPM is…the rest of you won’t."

According to Verywell Health, a CPM (or a continuous passive motion machine) is a "motorized device used in physical therapy that gently bends a joint back and forth to aid with recovery following a joint injury or surgery."

Nina Dobrev: Actress has 'long road of recovery' after hospitalization for biking accident

During an appearance on "The Talk" last week, the "Reunion" actress opened up about the accident, which coincided with her first time riding a dirt bike. “I don’t recommend it, guys. ... It’s OK, I learned a lesson: Don’t ever get on a dirt bike,” she said.

Dobrev said her injury took place when she inadvertently did a wheelie on the bike and "lost control." She added that she sustained a fractured knee, as well as damage to her ACL and meniscus in the accident. "When I landed, I landed on one leg straight, and my knee just, like, snapped,” she said.

Nina Dobrev reveals hospitalization for biking accident

In May, Dobrev shared before-and-after photos on Instagram that showed her hospitalized with multiple injuries.

"How it started vs how it’s going," she captioned the post. The first photo showed her on a dirt bike, while the second revealed Dobrev lying on a hospital bed with a brace on her left leg and another around her neck.

"I'm OK, but it's going to be a long road of recovery ahead," she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time.

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Dobrev's snowboarder boyfriend Shaun White also took to Instagram to post about the actress's injury, sharing a photo of Dobrev reclining in the seat of a private jet with her dog, Maverick, as her injured leg was concealed in a brace and elevated on a pillow.

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