No liquor in Calgary Parks this summer as city postpones pilot project

There will be no cold beer allowed in the picnic coolers at Calgary parks this summer.

The City of Calgary has announced it will postpone a controversial pilot project that would have sanctioned open liquor at picnic sites in city parks.

"With a divided public opinion, we need to make sure a pilot project is well thought out to ensure logistical and enforcement issues are addressed, and park experiences remain positive for all Calgarians," Laura Smith, the business and policy planner for Calgary Parks, said Monday in a news release.

The city conducted a survey of more than 15,000 Calgarians on the subject of public consumption of alcohol at municipal picnic tables.

The results showed a slight majority in favour of bringing a wine bottle to the park, but the city also heard from many who expressed concerns that it would lead to far more disorderly conduct as well as impaired driving.

In other words, not everyone would be having a romantic picnic in the park.

The city plans to take the time to study the issue before launching the pilot for the 2020 summer picnic season.