‘No one told the birds???!?’ Demolition blast at Kansas City bridge makes feathers fly

Demolition on Kansas City’s Buck O’Neil Bridge set social media aflutter Tuesday.

The Missouri Department of Transportation posted video of the dramatic blast on X, formerly Twitter. It had nearly 70,000 views by Wednesday afternoon.

Here comes the boom! See more of the Buck O’Neil Bridge’s middle arch demolition from today. #BuckBridge,” MoDot wrote with the video showing the explosion from four angles.

There’s a countdown clock.



Gray and black clouds of smoke erupted as the road under the arched span collapsed into a pile of twisted metal in the Missouri River.

“NO ONE TOLD THE BIRDS???!?” awestruck @danielleRoyalKC wrote on X after viewing the flocks of black birds rushing to get out of the way.

”Did you guys not get the memo to the birds,” asked fellow X user “Unconventionally Conventional.”

“What if the birds were told and they said we’re not leaving?” X user Scott Keenan wondered.

Oh, the birds knew it was coming.

A flock took off even before the blast could be heard by human ears on the video.

The rest of their buddies scattered micro-seconds later as their perch went bye bye, birdie.

“You guys may have wanted to omit the close up there. People are going to scream fowl-play on the mass bird-a-cide,” X user “Art3mis” joked.

MoDOT closed the bridge in the northwest corner of downtown Kansas City in January, beginning the shift of traffic into the Northland to newer bridges.

The first blast took place Feb. 15 on the steel-truss bridge with its recognizable triple arches — the former Broadway Bridge renamed after the KC sports legend.

On Wednesday morning, @danielleRoyalKC was still troubled and still tweeting: “I woke up thinking about those birds lol thank you for the trauma modot.”

X user Steve-O had his own take on the video, connecting it to that other thing that went up in smoke Tuesday in Kansas City: “The Royals response to the stadium vote was immediate and devastating.”