No Price Hikes: Dish guarantees your cable price for 2 years

Man watching NFL on Dish.

Inflation. Statistically, it is probably one of your top 10 complaints about daily life right now. What was $3 is $6, was $16 now is $22 and such forth. And, it seems every day we hear of reasonably priced entertainment packages jumping up in price by dollars and dollars that we don’t want to spend. Right now, however, you can get Dish — you might know them as ‘Dish Network’, they’ve been around for quite some time — and lock in today’s prices for two years. So, while your friends are paying 2026 prices you’ll still be in 2024. Tap the button below to see if Dish is right for you and continue reading to see our take.


Why you should try Dish

With Dish, you can get hundreds of channels and thousands of on demand titles at your fingertips for around $100, depending on what package you get. For example, the “smallest” package includes 190 channels, includes popular all-day background watches like ESPN and the Disney Channel, gives you more than 28,000 titles you can watch at any time, and costs just $85 a month. You can reduce that further to $73 by removing local channels. Opt in for the Netflix Standard package (offered by Dish) for $15 a month instead — we recommend this swap if you have an antenna for local TV — and get a full entertainment package for ~$88 per month. The most expensive plan, which has over 290 channels and 36,000 on demand titles is only $30 more per month, also locked in for two years.

You should also note that Dish installation is free and, depending on when you call in, you can get scheduled for same day or next day installation. The installation appointment window is 75 minutes, which you’ll receive on the day of installation. That means that you can plan your day around the installation instead of cancelling your day for the installation. Not stopping at just plopping a satellite receiver on your roof, the Dish installation team will help you program your remote and get the Hoppers ready at each TV you plan to use with the service. When the team leaves, you’ll be ready to watch right away.

So, to get this programming as low as $73 per month for the next two years, just tap the button below. Dish also features foreign language packages for your international family members, which you should also check out.